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Welke vragen stel jij niet?

november 12, 2007

Kort en goed verhaal over het maken van aannames. Ik las het in Theory U, origineel is van Paul Watzlawick.

A man wants to hang a picture. He has the nail but not the hammer. The neighbour has one. So our man decides to go over and borrow it. But then he has some doubts: What if the neighbour does not want to lend me the hammer? Yesterday, already, he greeted me somewhat hastily. Perhaps he was in a rush. Maybe, he just pretended to be in a hurry, and he has something against me. But what? I did not do anything to him; he is imagining something. If someone wanted to borrow a tool from me, I would give it to him right away. And why not? How can someone deny such a simple favour to a fellow human? People like this guy poison others’ lives. And then he imagines that I depend on him. Just because he has a hammer. Now, that’s enough. – Thus, he rushes over, rings, the neighbour opens the door, but before he can say “Hello”, our man shouts at him: “Keep your hammer, you lout!”

Voor mij is dit, in een veel lichtere vorm , herkenbaar: het nadenken over een nog te geven antwoord van de ander. Zo zonde van je tijd!

Wat doet dit verhaal met jou?

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  1. november 12, 2007 4:57 pm

    Relativeren is het keyword.

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