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Learning from the Future Episode 4, with Hans Rosling

april 1, 2008

A five minute interview with Hans Rosling, doctor, researcher and swordswollower. Hans Rosling is known for his Gapminder software and inspiring talks at TED and Le Web 3. He is one of the few people that really changed my view of the world, poverty and developing nations with his talk at my first Le Web Conference in 2006 and at the last one. I am honored he took the time to talk to me.

He talks about the change he cannot catch in statistics, his bus ride across the bay bridge. He raises the question if we are able to change the cultural concept of identity to face the challenges of the world.

More about Hans Rosling

This Learning from the Future is the fourth episode of a interview series with people known for their forward thinking.  Inspired by the book Theory U and started at Le Web 3 2007 in Paris.

Earlier episodes

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By Maarten Lens-FitzGerald twitter.com/dutchcowboy
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