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Learning from the Future, Episode 6 with Nova Spivack

april 7, 2008

A 5 minute video with Nova Spivack. In the interview he talks about the semantic web (putting meta data into data), the web is the database (linked data) and that Facebook will become a search engine. In ten years he expects reasoning to be online. Not Artificial Intelligence, but assisting agents. He doesn’t believe in Artficial Intelligence.

Nova Spivack is an entrepreneur, semantic web pioneer, and technology visionary. He founded among other: EarthWeb in 1994 and Radar Networks in 2003. He is the grandson of Peter Drucker. Twine, his first semantic web product is out in beta from Radar Networks.

More about Nova Spivack
– His wiki
– His blog
– His company Radar Networks
Register for a beta account of Twine

About this Interview Series
This Learning from the Future is the sixth episode of a interview series with people known for their forward thinking. Inspired by the book Theory U and started at Le Web 3 2007 in Paris.

Earlier episodes
– LFTF E5: Chris Saad on Dataportability and more
– LFTF E4: Hans Rosling on cultural identity and that the real world is an Asian world
– LFTF E3: Robert Scoble on technological developments
– LFTF E2: Doc Searls on VRM and Mobile
– LFTF E1: JP Rangaswami on enterprise 2.0

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